Pangea Day Report

The Pangea Day event on Saturday night in the UNU Media Studio was a great success. We ended up with around 50 participants from 14 different countries for what was essentially an over-night event. The group energy remained relatively high all the way to morning as can be seen in the video that was taken some time after 6am.

It was a great experience to be a part of the first ever Pangea Day with such an interesting variety of global citizens gathered together here in the Media Studio.

Information about this world wide event and highlights of the program and many of the included films are on the Pangea Day website.

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Tokyo Pangea Day Event

logo_fopdThe UNU will participate in the Pangea Day event organized by the people who bring you TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design.

To learn more about Pangae Day visit the website for this historic global event.

For those who prefer a video explanation, please see the video by the founder of Pangea Day.

The UNU Media Studio will be the venue for the Tokyo event and already a number of filmmakers, designers, educators and social entrepreneurs are planning to participate. Since this is a live programme of powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers linking venues across the world, the actual timing would be from 3am to 7am this Sunday (11 May 2008).

Due to the size limitations for the venue, participation is by invitation only.

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Making movies that make change

Following on from the post from Luis about movies changing the world, I came across another interesting presentation at TED by Jeff Skoll. He was the first president of e-Bay and now spends his time and energy supporting movies like An Inconvenient Truth, through his company Participant Productions.

The story he tells is inspiring and engaging. Here in the UNU Media Studio, in our own modest way, we are trying to use documentaries as a tool to raise awareness on important issues and to dig deeper into the complexities surrounding the sustainability debate. In this context, we have just started informal screenings of our new documentary entitled “Voices of the Chichinautzin” and will be posting more soon.

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Read Write Culture

Lawrence Lessig spoke at the March 2007 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference and explained how creativity is being strangled by the law. This is a very thought provoking presentation and although the focus is on the impact on younger generations and business, there are obvious messages for the global development community. To solve the world’s problems, we need to get creative and we need to be able to share knowledge.

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