What is all the fuss about?

CapetownI have to confess that I am somewhat surprised to see the confusion that the Cape Town Open Education Declaration seems to have caused. To be honest, I am just happy to see something like this emerging out of Africa, although some people seem to object to the fact that the declaration was initially put together by a relatively small group of people. The declaration is fine with me.
For some insights on the discussions surrounding this declaration take a look the critique from Stephen Downes and the response from David Wiley. They are both visionaries in their own right and leaders of the open educational resources movement, so this discussion is very important and very interesting.

By the way, I signed the declaration. Why don’t you?

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Presentations from the UNU-UNESCO Workshop

2007_08_30-0000702.jpgHere they are and apologies for the delay. You can now download the presentations made at the UNU-UNESCO workshop held in the Media Studio.

The first presentation was by David Wiley and is entitled E-Learning and Openness. Next, Hide Tokuda gave a talk on elearning in Keio University and this was followed by a presentation from Peter Haddawy on E-learning for Enriching the Learning Experience.

The presentation from Derek Keats focused on E-Learning in an Education 3.0 world and this was followed by a presentation by Brendan Barrett on the UNU Media Studio’s philosophy of Build Share Collaborate (beware – big file!)

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UNU OpenCourseWare

2007_08_31-0003802.jpgA small group came together on 31 August and 1 September here at the UNU Media Studio to discuss how best to develop the UNU OpenCourseware Portal. We are planning to use eduCommons developed by the Centre for Open and Sustainable Learning. We will give feedback in this blog on the experience we have as an eduCommons adopter.

The meeting was really interesting and we had a very useful exchange of views. We are planning to put ten courses online by the end of 2007. In this picture, you can see Philip Schmidt giving some background on the work that they are doing at UNU-MERIT and also on his experience with the University of Western Cape’s Free Courseware project. There is a project blog on the work at UWC that you may want to take a look at.
Here at the UNU, we have funding for the pilot phase of the OCW project which brings together our institutes in Macau, the Netherlands and Canada. Other institutes will join in phase 2 as we expand to cover the entire UNU network from 2008 onwards.

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