UNU adopts Moodle

The UNU is delighted to announce that it has adopted Moodle as the online learning management system (LMS) to support the 2009 International Course. Moodle is one of the most popular open source LMSs with other 56,000 sites in 211 countries.

moodle11To access the UNU’s Moodle installation visit: learn.unu.edu

Currently four courses are being supported online with direct involvement from faculty at the UNU-Institute for Sustainability and Peace. It is hoped that other UNU institutes will utilize this resource to run their courses online.

The initial reaction to the use of Moodle has been very positive from the students and lecturers involved. The UNU International Course runs from 11 May to 19 June 2009.

The experience for the adoption of Moodle to support the IC2009 will provide useful insights for the implementation of the planned graduate degrees from 2010 onwards.

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Two new courses kick-off

API Seminar.jpgLast week on 27 and 28 September 2007, two courses were hosted at the UNU Media Studio as part of the Asia Pacific Initiative. These courses are organized over video conference in collaboration with a network of universities in the region.
The first course deals with disaster management and humanitarian assistance and is coordinated by the University of Hawaii. The second course deals with environmental issues (mainly climate change and sustainable energy) and is coordinated by Keio University, with support from FASID.
We use Moodle as the course management system and you can visit the site (hosted by the University of Hawaii) and log-on as a guest if you are interested to follow the course online. Classes will run until mid-December.

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