From 2002 onwards, the UNU has promoted the idea of a Global Learning Space in an open Information Society. We believe that there are many models for such a Global Learning Space. In this context, the UNU Media Studio is currently involved directly in a number of projects promoting collaboration in online educational programmes. These include (alphabetically):

Asia Pacific Initiative
Launched in 2002, the Asia Pacific Initiative encourages extensive collaboration between universities and research institutions in the Asia Pacific region in order to build online educational materials on human development and environmental sustainability. The partners include PEACESAT at the University of Hawai”i, Keio University, the University of the Ryukyus, the Asian Institute of Technology, the University of the South Pacific, the National University of Samoa, TERI University and LEAD Japan.

The project is supported by in-kind contributions from the partner universities and with funds from the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development. Recent outputs from this project include the semester course on Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance and the Advanced Seminar in International Environmental Studies.

Library of e-Case Studies and Documentaries
The project currently focuses on the production of high quality educational content (including documentary video content, e-case studies, photographs and other rich media) on biological conservation in Meso-America. This is a collaboration with the University of Guadalajara and Mesoamerican Network of Biotic Resources (a network of 23 universities in the Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Guatamala. Recent outputs from this project include “Saving the Ayuquila River,” “Voices of Chichinautzin” and Fieldtrip.

Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research
This project aims to strengthen the capacity of modern forest policy and economics education, training and research in the Western Balkans region. The main outputs will include a professional training programme and an international MSc. on forest policy and economics.

The coordinator for the project is the European Forest Institute (EFI) and the partners include universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. The project is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recent outputs from the UNU Media Studio for this project include the open educational resource on Forestry, Forest Policy and Economics.

UNU Global Virtual University
The UNU-Global Virtual University (GVU) is a collaborative project that develops online learning programmes to support and build competencies related to sustainable human development in developing countries through partnerships with co-operating universities and research organizations.

The principal partners are the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP GRID Arendal and Agder University College. University partners in the UNU-GVU Consortium includes universities from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eygpt, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Norway. The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recent outputs from the UNU Media Studio for this project include the open educational resources on Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment.

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